1. I just turned 50 in December. I have been running for several years. I recently have had alot of knee problems steroid injections fluid drawn off et. I have been told my knees are bone on bone and I have arthritis in both. The question is. Does anyone suffer with knee swelling fr arthritis and what do you do and do u out just push through? My knees get really big I am worried of danger later.

    • Thank you for posting. Sorry to hear about the problems with your knees. The Runners World website has an online community (forums) where you might find other people with similar experiences. If you are on Facebook there’s a group called “Women runners over 50 united” which could be a good place to get support too.

    • Hello Darlene, thank you for telling me about your blog. It’s great to read that you started running in your fifties and that you’ve recovered from a broken ankle and carried on running. I shall add your blog to my list. Enjoy your next race. Katie

    • Darlene, thank you for this great list of blogs. I’m going to look at them all. Katie

  2. Hi Katie – I saw your comment on Anne-Marie’s Unsporty Women can Run blog and see that you have listed her above. She is an inspiration! I blog about running and lots of other things too on my blog I have a page on my blog with my running posts. I started running again after I turned 50 because I found walking was too slow. I’ve always been active and love the fact that I can still run. I’m not fast and it’s not pretty but I do it! I have done a few park runs and local fun runs but lack a running buddy and need to keep the motivation going. What a great idea you have for your blog – I love it!

    • Hi Debbie, thank you so much for getting in touch and telling me about your blog. It’s great to hear about another Australian blogger and I will add you to my list. Good luck with the training for the 5k race! I look forward to hearing how you get on. Katie

  3. Hi – I’m over 50 and started running in my 40s. Did my first half marathon aged 50. I’m not fast or competitive but I keep on running three times a week. I’ve just started a blog – not sure what direction it’s going yet, it’s still in the development phase! Nice to find some over 50s bloggers 🙂

    • Hi Ann, thank you for sharing your blog. I am going to have a go at that apple cake recipe as we are inundated with apples this autumn. I’ve subscribed and look forward to reading more of your posts. Katie


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