12 half marathons done

Half marathon medals
9 December 2015

I am still reflecting on what I have learnt from my half marathon challenge. The main lesson is that running really is about mind over matter. It’s the psychological side rather than the physical side that was truly challenging. Why was I doing this? Was it worth making the effort when I wasn’t going to run a personal best time? How far was I willing to travel to finish my challenge within 12 calendar months? Will I ever run a half marathon PB again?

I found that since completing the twelfth race on 23rd August my motivation has dipped. That’s why I created the “5 ways  to find your running mojo” infographic. I’ve only run two races since August. In the end I’ve decided that I need a race to motivate me and have taken a transfer place in the Keyworth Turkey Trot, a very popular local half marathon. This in turn has motivated me to spend some time on developing this infographic. I drafted some designs on paper several weeks ago, but knew it would take me a lot of time to create the final design. Spending the time teaching myself how to format this is very much in tune with my reasons for writing this blog. For me it’s a journey of discovery and learning and making new connections.

RY50 12in12


  1. Barb

    Congrats! That’s quite an accomplishment.
    Love your info graphic, too:)

    • Katie Holmes

      Thank you Barb!

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