The 1998 Nanango 1000 Mile Track Race – competitors and results

Start of Nanango 1000 miles track race 1998
27 February 2022

The 1998 Nanango 1000 Mile Track Race was held from 11th to 26th March and had a 15-day cutoff. The race hosted the inaugural International Association of Ultrarunners 1000 Mile World Championship.

Read an account of the race here.


There were 16 competitors: 15 men and one woman.

Petras Silkinas (b. 1941), Lithuania – holder of the world 1000 mile track record, set at the 1000 Mile Stadium Race Odessa in 1997. His last recorded ultra was in 2012 in the M70 category.

Tony Rafferty (b. 1939), Australia – previous holder of the 1000 mile record.

Vladimir Glazkov (b. 1938), Russia -had competed in several 6 Day and two 1000 Mile Stadium races in Odessa, winning the 1000 Mile race in 1996 and the 6 Day race in 1997. Glazkov competed in ultras until 2006.

Vladimir Vasiutin (1950-2019) Ukraine – had competed in the Odessa races too finishing second to Glazkov in the 1000 mile race in 1996. Vasiutin continued ultrarunning until shortly before his death aged 68 and had competed in a 24 hour and a 48 hour ultra in 2018.

Georgs Jermolajevs (b.1942), Latvia – winner of the Sri Chinmoy 10 Day Race in 1996 and of the Sri Chinmoy Ultra Trio 1000 Mile Race in 1997.

Rustem Giniatullin (b.1948), Russia – winner of the 1000 Mile Stadium Run Odessa in 1995.

Dusan Mravilje (b. 1953), Slovenia – former winner of the Trans-America race and of Sydney to Melbourne.

Alfredo Uria (b.1939), Spain – finished second to Gary Parsons of Australia in the Nanango 1000 Mile Race in 1996.

Bryan Smith (1943-2001), Australia – one of the few men to have covered 1000km in 6 days on the track. Smith died suddenly during the 2001 Trans Australia race.

Peter Gibson (b.1955), New Zealand – had competed in the 1996 Nanango 1000 Mile Race covering 1000km.

Tony Collins (b.1947), Australia – had competed in the 1996 race covering 1000km.

Graham Watts (b.1953), Australia – had competed in the 1994 and 1996 races covering 1000km both times.

Peter Gray (b.1964), Australia – the youngest competitor at the age of 33, had completed in the 1996 race covering 1000km. Gray was still competing in ultras in 2019 in the M50 category.

Aldo Maranzina (b.1946), Italy – had completed the Colac 6 Day Race in 1997. Maranzina was still competing in ultras in 2021. He competed in three 24 hour races in the M70 category that year.

Cliff Young (1922-2003), Australia – winner of first Sydney to Melbourne race and the oldest competitor at 76.

Eleanor Robinson (b.1947), Great Britain – had set a 1000 mile world record in a stage race in 1987 and set 6 day world records several times, along with world bests for most other ultra distances.

Gary Parsons, the winner of the two previous races, was unable to attend due to a recent operation.

Results of the 1998 Nanango 1000 Mile Track Race

Seven runners completed 1000 miles within the cutoff of 15 days.

  1. Petras Silkinas, Lithuania – 11 days  13:54:58  (World & European Track Best )
  2. Bryan Smith, Australia – 11 days  23:31:44  (Commonwealth  & Australasian Track Best)
  3. Vladimir Glazkov, Russia – 12 days  11:32:33
  4. Eleanor Robinson, Great Britain – 13 days  01:54:02  (World, European & Commonwealth Track Best)
  5. Georgs Jermolajevs, Latvia – 13 days 23:32:31
  6. Rustem Giniatullin, Russia – 14 days 13:28:48
  7. Peter Gray, Australia – 14 days 22:10:35

Three runners were still running at the end of the 15-day time limit and had completed these distances:

Vladimir Vasiutin, Ukraine – 950.75 miles

Aldo Maranzina, Italy – 780 miles

Graham Watts, Australia – 767.25 miles


Peter Gibson – 786 miles

Cliff Young – 488.5 miles

Tony Collins – 544.25 miles

Alfredo Uria – 476.5 miles

Dusan Mravlje – 230.5 miles

Tony Rafferty – 230 miles

Records set at the 1998 Nanango 1000 Mile Track Race

Petras Silkinas of Lithuania broke his own men’s world 1000 mile track record and became the first person to finish the distance in under 12 days.

Bryan Smith set an Australian national record.

Eleanor Robinson broke the women’s world 1000 mile track record by 32 hours 54 minutes and 19 seconds.

Read the full article about the race.


  1. Sylvia Raper

    Found my signed tee shirt and washed it up last week. I prepared foods and worked with Sandra Brown on the first. 2nd one Peter Gray, both achievements I will never forget. Dudley Harris from New Zealand was the main handler for Sandra as he had worked with her previously. He was also a retired centurion. The year 2000 he was NZ runner up as sportsman of the century. A real privilege to work with these people.

    • Katie Holmes

      Thank you for sharing your memories Sylvia. It must have been an exciting event to be part of, especially when records were being set.

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