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Katie Holmes over 50 runner NottinghamAre you inspired by women runners in their fifties, sixties and seventies? I am! And through this blog I aim to find out more about them. How many women over 50 are running? How did they get into running?  What motivates them to carry on?

Join me as I dig out the data about women’s running in the UK and also meet some of the inspiring women over 50 who are changing their lives through running.




  1. Hi Katie,
    What a revelation your site has been. I shyly posted my blog on running as a 47 and a quarter year old woman yesterday (I’m of the Adrian Mole generation!).
    Your site has allowed me link up to other like minded women. I’m not alone! Fabulous.
    I look forward to reading and writing with this community.
    Nikki x

    • Hi Nikki, thank you very much. I am really pleased if my blog helps to connect women. I have just read and enjoyed your article. It is interesting to read about your lifelong running journey and how your motivation to run has changed over time. My own running career is relatively short – 7 years. Making the transition from non-runner to runner has had a huge impact and running plays a large part in my wellbeing. Katie

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