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If you are interested in finding out more about the experiences of women runners over 50 have a look at some of the blogs listed here.

In 2013 when I first started looking for blogs by women runners over 50 I only found a handful but gradually that number has grown to include American, Canadian, Australian and British bloggers. I’ve only included blogs where there have been recent and fairly regular posts.

Do let me know if you follow other blogs by women runners aged 50+ so I can add them to this list! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do.

UK Blogs

Karen Nash ultra runner over 50

Karen Nash is an ultra runner from Preston with a love of fell running, trail running and climbing. Her blog contains detailed accounts of long-distance, off-road races. She races regularly, often finishing first female. In May 2018, aged 57, she was the first woman to finish, and fourth overall, in the Northern Traverse, a self-supported, 190-mile race with over 16,000 feet of ascent, coast to coast from St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay. A lifelong runner, Karen says: “As I got older, slower and more injured I moved to longer races and found the ultra series. I may not be all that fast compared to some but I love the long days and friendship this has given me.”

Nicky Spinks fellrunnerNicky Spinks is an accomplished fellrunner, who has set many records on British long-distance fell runs, including three 24-hour challenges: the Bob Graham Round, the Ramsay Round and the Paddy Buckley Round. In 2016 she became the fastest person to run a Double Bob Graham Round, running the Lake District route twice – 132 miles in 45 hours 30 minutes. In April 2017 she celebrated her 50th birthday by running the Joss Naylor Challenge in the Lake District, setting a new fastest women’s time over the 50 mile route. Nicky is a cancer survivor, having been diagnosed at 39. She farms in Yorkshire and records her farming life and running life in a diary on her website. @NickySpinks

Hannah Kirkman runner over 50

Hannah Kirkman turned 50 in 2016 and has been running since her twenties, when she began training for her first marathon. She began Chi running (applying the principles of T’ai Chi to running) to overcome injury and subsequently went on to qualify as a trainer. She runs Chi running courses and is also a personal trainer. She writes blog posts about her running and races. In April 2017 she delighted to run her fastest half marathon for over 15 years. @BlueSkyHannah

Jenny Baker runner Jenny Baker started running in 1999 and has run 5 marathons. In her blog she reflects on the part running plays in her life and says: “Running has been many things to me – a space to achieve new things, a way to keep fit and stay healthy, a source of friendship and community.” In 2015, just after her 50th birthday, Jenny was diagnosed with breast cancer and she documented her experience of treatment, recovery and running on her blog. Her book about this: “Run for Your Life” was published in January 2017. @runningjenbaker

Photograph of Fran Allison runner over 50Fran Allison is an enthusiastic member of Caistor Running Club in Lincolnshire. She describes her Fit After Fifty blog as “my thoughts on being Fit after Fifty, Feeling Fantastic, Running, Physical & Mental Wellbeing and random stuff.” In 2016, Fran ran her first ultra race, the Dukeries Ultra 30 in Nottinghamshire. She enjoys supporting and encouraging other people, and her blog is full of stories of her running companions.

Photo of Ronnie HaydonRonnie Haydon, author of the Marathon Gran blog, is a writer and journalist who lives in London. She describes Marathon Gran as “a belated marathon training blog from a woman with something to prove”. Ronnie ran the London Marathon in 2015 in under 3 hours 45 minutes, a time which falls well within the Good For Age qualifying time for women in her age category (50-59). @Ronnie_Haydon

Hilary Jones

Hilary Jones is a British runner and personal trainer whose blog is called Ramblings of a Menopausal Runner.  She writes about running and fitness and how running keeps her strong.  Her motto is “fighting fit at 50”.  Hilary is also half of Lexi and Jones, a website launched in autumn 2014 about two women aged 40+ and their experience of fitness classes, running and open water swimming.  @HilaryannJones


Photo of Mimi AndersonMimi Anderson is a British ultra runner in her fifties who took up running at 36 and has run the world’s most famous ultra races including the Marathon des Sables (the Sahara), Comrades (South Africa), Badwater (US) and Spartathlon (Greece).  She also holds Guinness World Records: fastest female running from John O’Groats to Lands End; fastest crossing on foot of Ireland; and furthest distance covered by a woman on a treadmill in 7 days (403.81 miles if you were wondering).  In her blog Mimi writes about her racing, her training and preparation for races and also her recovery from injury. @marvellousmimi

Photo of Angela ShepherdAngela Shepherd is a British diet and nutrition adviser who blogs about her racing and race training.  She has run marathons including the Greater Manchester marathon and Plusnet Yorkshire marathon, and half marathons, and in 2015 she ran a marathon in less than 4 hours for the first time which gave her a “good for age” time for the 50-59 age group for the London marathon.  Angela’s blog also features race reviews and lots of advice about nutrition for runners.  Angela and I met for the first time at the Snake Lane 10 in 2015, and were reunited there in 2016. @ilovelivingwell

A British Blog from Cyprus

Karen Guttridge runner over 50 Cyprus

Karen Guttridge is a British runner who lives in Cyprus. She began running in her early 50s, partly because her doctor told her that she had osteopenia, and suggested that exercise could help to reverse it. She also quickly recognised that she was motivated by racing. In her blog, Running Like a Wrinkly, she says “The reason you go running – your WHY – is the single most crucial aspect of your running plan.”  Karen’s blog and Facebook page feature lots of pictures from her runs in Cyprus.

Australian Blogs

AnPhoto of Anne-Marie Loaderne-Marie Loader lives in Northern Tasmania, Australia. She started running in 2010 in her late 40s and describes herself as having gone from a “total non-runner to a running devotee”. Her blog, Unsporty Women Can Run, is dedicated to encouraging others to run and Anne-Marie writes “Running has taught me to love my body…and has taken me to new places of happiness and friendships that I didn’t know existed…If I can transform myself into a runner anyone can!” Her running involves lots of hills, lots of races, and a few trips to parkruns too.

Photo of Debbie HarrisDebbie Harris lives in New South Wales, Australia. Debbie started running in her fifties in 2013:  “I decided one day that walking was too slow and just started to jog a bit, and I found that I could do it and I surprised myself by really enjoying it.” Her Deb’s World blog features many photographs she has taken and covers lots of different topics including running.

Canadian Blogs

Photo of Barb LeyneBarb Leyne from Victoria on the west coast of Canada started her blog My Running Shortz in 2011 to share her race reviews and thoughts about running. Barb has been running since the late 1990s. She has just returned to writing her blog after a two-year break from races.


US Blogs

Running blog over 50 Sherry FijasSherry Fijas from Buffalo writes a blog called The Wrinkled Runner. Sherry began running at 40 to lose weight. Her husband started running soon afterwards and she became more serious about running as they prepared for their first half marathon together. Sherry writes about her running and publishes recipes. She also has a Youtube channel. She says “I really believe that if you listen to your body, you can do things you didn’t think you would be able to.” @wrinkledrunner1

Running blogger over 50 Shelley English

Shelley English from Northern Nevada began running in her mid-40s, shortly after giving up smoking. Her Life Up and Running website combines stories, tips and inspiration for staying active. She says “Because of running, I’ve made some new lifelong friends. I’ve seen some beautiful and interesting locations I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise. I feel healthier at 50 than I was at 30.” @Shelleyupandrunning

Kim Hatting Running on the Fly blog

Kimberly Hatting, author of the Running on the Fly blog, is an enthusiastic distance runner who loves racing. Kim runs outside all year round despite the cold winters in Iowa where she lives. She started running seriously in 2005, extending her distance over time until she ran her first ultra in 2015. The half marathon remains her favourite distance. She races frequently, sometimes 3 or 4 events in a month. Kim says “I love long runs! I am an endurance person and love the challenge of going further and further.” @RunningOnTheFly

Finding Fabulous at Fifty blog author Ladybird

“LadyBird” from Mississippi writes a blog called Finding Fabulous at Fifty. She became interested in fitness at 40 and writes about running, fitness and cycling. LadyBird plans to run her first marathon in January 2018. She writes: “My hope and desire is to embrace this new phase of life and all of its beauty, blessings, frustrations and pitfalls with as much patience and humor as possible.  Finding “fabulous” at Fifty is my new life mantra!” @tlbird45

Running blogger Beth RisdonBeth Risdon is the author of a very popular running blog called Shut Up + Run. Beth lives in Colorado and turned 50 in 2017. She started running in her early 40s and her first race was a marathon in January 2009. Beth takes a no-holds-barred approach to writing about running and life. “I love to run. I also love to write. I believe in holding nothing back. I believe in telling the truth. I believe in being real. I’m sure it offends some, but I’m also sure it resonates with more.” @ShutUpRun

Photo of Mary McManusMary McManus’s blog is called Going the Distance. She’s a prolific writer and her posts combine running and fitness stories, with thoughts on spiritual healing, and poetry. Having experienced paralytic polio and the trauma of abuse in her childhood, Mary says “At 62 years old I feel healthier, more whole and stronger than I ever have before in my life. My hope is to inspire others with a message that whatever the challenge, whatever the goal, you can always find a way to go the distance!” Mary recently met Jacqueline Hansen at a race and it was Jacqueline who told me about Mary’s blog. @runnergirl1953

Becky Green Photo of Becky Green AaronsonAaronson, author of the RunBeRun blog  describes herself as “a runner, writer, coach, motivator and mom”. She has been running since childhood and races regularly. She has run several marathons including New York, Rome and Paris. Becky turned 50 in January 2016 and is now training for her first Ironman: Arizona, in November 2016. Her blog is about “running, triathlons and everyday stuff…for those who are happiest being in motion and chasing after life”. @RunBeRun

Tina author of Gotta Run Now blogTina describes herself as “5k to 50 mile runner”. Tina returned to running aged 38, running her first marathon at 40. She’s run 19 more since then. On her Gotta Run Now blog she writes about her training and her travels with her husband. Her blog features some stunning pictures from their trips as well as many race reports. @GottaRunNow1


Photo of Deb

Deb, the author of the Deb Runs blog, ran at school and college. She decided to run a marathon as her 40th birthday present. Her time in that first marathon in 1997 was fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon and she run over 40 marathons since, as well as many other races. She works in the fitness industry and leads a running group. Her frequent blog posts cover a wide range of topics including race reviews, running tips and boot camp workouts. @debrunsFIT

Photo of CharlotteI Run in the Rain is a very personal blog from Charlotte about running and family life. Charlotte started running at 49 after deciding to lose a substantial amount of weight. She says “healthy eating, calorie counting and running saved my life….literally”. Charlotte’s first race was a 5k in 2011 and she ran her first marathon in 2014.

Running blogger JudyThe author of the Chocolaterunsjudy blog describes herself as “an older, slower runner with a passion for half marathons and chocolate”. Her blog features lots of recipes as well as her reflections on running. She lost a lot of weight in her late forties and took up running. She is now on a mission to run a Half Marathon in every state and runs 2 or 3 a year. She says: “If you think you’re too old, too fat, too slow to run, I’m here to tell you differently, to cheer you on every step of the way & hopefully to sometimes inspire you.”

Wendy Rivard cropTaking the Long Way Home is “a running blog by someone who doesn’t want to act her age”. Wendy Rivard uses her blog to link up with other women running bloggers. Wendy has been running for more than 20 years and her favourite distance is the half marathon. She is using cross fit techniques in her training and finding that the increase in her strength benefits her running. She has just started training for the Chicago Marathon. @oldrunningmom

Photo of Holly from HoHo Runs

The HoHo Runs blog is written by Holly who describes herself as a “Half Marathon Fanatic”. Having decided to get fit in her forties she was impressed when her sister started running and decided to take it up herself in 2008. She ran her first half marathon in 2011 and has now run 36 in total. “HoHo” is her “granny” name. She’s training for the Chicago Marathon in October 2015.

Darlene CarPhoto of Darlene Cardillodillo was already in her fifties when she started running in 2008 and says she was “searching for the Fountain of Youth”. Seven years later she’s now in her sixties and still setting personal records. This is even more impressive when you learn that she broke her ankle in 2011 and needed 6 months to recover. Darlene loves to race and would race every weekend if she could. Read about her races and other running adventures in her blog.

Photo of Linda Flynn

Linda Tschaepe Flynn lives in Western New York and started her running journey at the age of 49 when she followed the Couch to 5k programme to lose weight. Her See Linda Run blog explains how she got the running bug and how she coped with injury (stress fractures). At the age of 50 Linda decided to complete a half marathon race in all 50 US states. She’s already run 8 half marathons and has lots more dates in her diary for 2015 and 2016. @linflin963

Libby JamesLibby James is a runner in her seventies who has set national age group records and received numerous awards. In January 2013 she set the age group world record in the Disney World Half Marathon in Orlando, Florida, beating the previous record by 4 minutes.  She says “In the back of my mind, I’d always thought I’d quit when I turned 70, but when the time came I was having too much fun.”  Libby is a writer and her blog features recent articles she has written about running. You can hear an interview with Libby in a Marathontalk podcast from 2013.

Grandma to Half Marathon is a blog by Dianne Walker who describes herself as “a young-at-heart, grandma who decided to start my  journey to running my first half marathon exactly a year after turning 50 years old and my first 5K.” The blog records her journey to that first half marathon: the Disney princess half marathon in February 2014 and her running progress since then.  @diawalker


Don’t forget to let me know about your favourite blogs by women runners over 50!


  1. Thank you so much for this list. I have just begun running at 58. There is a lot out there by, and for, younger women runners but it is good to be able to follow some more age appropriate writers.

    • Thank you Ceri. Please do let me know if you come across any other bloggers that I can add to this list. I am sure there must be more out there! Good luck with your running. Katie

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