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Unbelievable….the last half marathon…..

Unbelievable….the last half marathon…..

Photo of me after the Great Yarmouth Half Marathon13 days ago I stood at the seafront at Gorleston in Norfolk feeling tired out after the Great Yarmouth Half Marathon. The heat had got the better of me, I wasn’t looking forward to the 140 mile drive home, and I was questioning whether I would really feel up to running the last half marathon in my challenge in two weeks time. Today it’s the day before that last half marathon and I am feeling elated and excited at the prospect of running the Hull Major Stone Half Marathon tomorrow.  I can’t quite believe that I am going to complete this challenge. It feels appropriate that I chose the Hull Major Stone for my last race. I didn’t know it at the time, but my Dad and one of my uncles competed for East Hull Harriers, the club that organises the race, in the 1950s. I know it will probably be fairly hot for the race tomorrow but I feel well rested, and I’m looking forward to seeing my parents and staying with them.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Nice one Katie, well done !

    • Thank you Tatyana! Definitely want to join you on more trail races in future.

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